URGENT NOTICE for users of Spectra SP80, PM500, PM800, PF500, PF800, PM120, MM120

Spectra Geospatial has released a notification that these receivers:

SP80, PM500, PM800, PF500, PF800, PM120, MM120

are unable to report positions because of an errant GLONASS ephemeris issue.

A firmware fix for the SP80 is available now. You can download it with this link: [ Version 3.45 ]

A fix for the remaining legacy devices is planned and should be available soon.

If you have an affected receiver you probably noticed problems beginning last Friday. There is a chance that the SP60 and SP20 are also affected as they share a common engine with the SP80, however the factory has not confirmed this.

Please note that this is not an official notice from the factory, this is a courtesy ‘heads up’.


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19 responses to “URGENT NOTICE for users of Spectra SP80, PM500, PM800, PF500, PF800, PM120, MM120

  1. Gaetan

    I have a PM500 and a PM800 and both has a boot error and will not track any satellites. I have tried turning off GLONASS tracking but it will still not work. Will there be a fix for the PM500 and the PM800

  2. Marcio

    alguma previsão?

  3. Peter

    Is there any solution for Spectra MM120?

  4. Deb Smith

    We have the SP80 and have installed the firmware for the Glonass problem. Of course now we are not getting nearly enough satellites. Is this problem going to be corrected so that we will be able to get the glonass satellites soon, this is effecting our work!!!

    • This seems like the kind of question you should ask the factory or your dealer.

      My test receivers are tracking all viable SV’s since I performed the upgrade. You say ‘Of course…’; your experience is unique.

      Is the lack of tracking effecting or affecting your work? That is always a tough word choice I suppose.

  5. Taha

    Is there any solution for PM800, PM500?

  6. Marcio

    Já tem o link do firmware do pm500?
    Parece que foi lançado.
    E parabéns pelo trabalho em ajudar os demais!!!
    No aguardo

  7. Sérgio Ferrerira

    Existe actualização para o MM120?

  8. Sérgio Ferreira

    “GNSS Upload | File:gnss_Ho27.bin” – “Upçoad Status: FAILED”
    Pode ajudar?

    • download the installation tool again (use the .ZIP files on the mirror). Reset the receiver immediately prior to doing the update (with GNSS Reset) or full power update, do update in an area where GNSS board can not track SV’s.

  9. thomas

    Is there any chance of enabling the glonass option on pm500 somehow ? Recently i noticed that i recieve only gps L1/L2 signals.

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