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Another Big Year

It has been another year and I am back in Shanghai visiting suppliers:


I find myself in Shanghai with a great group of GPS technology providers. Everywhere I go, I am shown cool new stuff and UAV’s.

If you are a consumer of GNSS technology, there is good news: you are going to get amazing GNSS based products. Well built, reasonably priced, great value products.

If you are contemplating purchasing a UAV, I have some bad news: “Every where, every one is building UAV’s.” They all look similar and it is going to be difficult to decide which to purchase. It also appears to me that the consumer market is going to outpace the commercial products at a rate 10 to 1. If all these devices really are doing is flying around and taking high-res pictures, there is going to be a lot of solutions.

Oh, and I really wish that I had first-round stock in Pix4D, but I am sure you already know that.

One of the other take-away points for me is the quality and performance increases we have seen over the last two years.

Get ready for an amazing GNSS year!


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