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New Ashtech Firmware

  • MM100-PM100-PM200 New Service Layer
  • Cad-File-Converter for FAST Survey
  • PM500 Update


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How Much Data Does a GSM Rover Consume?

A common GSM Rover question is “How much data does a GSM Rover consume?’ or what kind of data plan should I purchase for the SIM card in my GSM Rover (a GSM rover is a RTK GPS receiver that receives real-time correction via a GSM cellular network connection.)

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Cad File Converter for Latest FAST Survey

Last week when I was at the Wyoming Engineering and Survey convention in Cheyenne Wyoming (which I should add was the warmest and least windy place I had been in two weeks–really) I found that I could not import a DWG file directly. It turns out that the cad file converter program was not installed with FAST Survey. I was able to enable the functionality by copying the converter from a valid SurvCE version 2.52 installation to my FAST Survey installation on my PM200.

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The ProMark 500 Gets a Major Upgrade

The ProMark 500 (PM500) receiver got a major firmware upgrade a couple of weeks ago (firmware S529GI23) which among other enhancements tuned Time-to-First-Fix down to 5 to 10 seconds and results in much better dynamic performance.

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