X-PAD: EntitlementID vs. EquipID/EquipSN

In early August 2022, GeoMax switched from an ‘EquipmenID, Serial Number’ license number pair to a single ‘Entitlement ID’. Existing EquipmentID and Serial Number pairs will continue to work forever, however if any option is added to a license or the X-Pert maintenance is extended, you will get a new entitlement ID.

The important thing to know is when you install X-PAD on a device with no activation, you can choose between entering an Entitlement ID or SN Pair:

Selecting a license type in X-PAD activation

And the secret to removing an existing license from your devices is to check it back into the cloud, called ‘Rehost license’.

This document describes the complete process, with detailed pictures:

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