GNSS Issues October 1 2019

Several reports of anomalies yesterday (Monday 30 Sept 2019)  and today (Tuesday 1 October 2019).

  1. SP80: these receivers track, then loose tracking, then reset engines if running firmware prior to 3.39. So firmware update is mandatory.
  2. Some Trimble Engines: we have observed BD970 engines with older (~5.25) not floating or fixing. An engine reset with new ephemeris download appears to fix.
  3. ProMark 500’s are seeing a ‘215’ error after booting. There is a chance that turning off GLONASS tracking (in SurvCE see ‘Equip: GPS Rover: Receiver (tab): Advanced’) will fix this issue.
  4. ORGN and INCORS (and probably all Spider based servers) are reporting GLONASS related issues.

I can’t find any buzz online, but enough complaints to know there is an issue.

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