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GNSS Solutions: Processing Static, Stop-n-Go and Kinematic Jobs with VRS


Just finished a videos showing how to process static, s&g and kinematic files against a base produced by the VRS tool in GNSS Solutions. The files were made by a PM100/PM120.

You can watch it here: 

It is only 3 minutes long.


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GNSS Solutions, NAD83_2011, GEOID 12A, Absolute Antenna Calibrations, Updating CORS sites

If you are using GNSS Solutions in the United States to process observations, then this information may be of great value to you:
This link [ GNSS_Solutions_NAD83_G12A ] will get you a copy of the latest version of step-by-step white paper on maximizing reference frame accuracy when using GNSS Solutions with NAD83_2011 and GEOID 2012A.
The paper also shows how to
  o update all of the Antenna Calibrations with Absolute values in one step
  o import all of the NGS CORS sites in one step
  o add GEOID12A to the available vertical datum
Plus as a bonus: the top 10 GNSS Solutions Screw-Ups (from my perspective)
Happy New Year!

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