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SurvCE 5.02 USA GEOID Coverage

Version 5.02 of SurvCE now installs a single file that contains Geoid12B for the USA. You can now load it and never need to sub-set a GEOID using XPort again. This alone is worth updating to 5.02 for!

To load the GEOID select (from the main menu): Equip: Localization: GPS then click on the ‘Geoid File:’ button. There should be a ‘GEOIDS’ folder in the standard ‘Data’ folder:


It takes a few seconds to load the file on most data collectors, but the extra time is worth never having to produce another small Geoid file.

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Whacked CORS

So, NGS OPUS is based on NGS CORS. I wrote a short entry [ here ] describing the problem.

I though it would be fun to post some images of really whacked CORS sites:





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ProMark 3 Batteries

If you were to decide to replace the batteries in a ProMark 3 (or MobileMapper CX) yourself, a good source of replacement batteries would be:

DSK-3R3H224U-HL Elna America | 604-1020-1-ND DigiKey Electronics

The part is actually a 220 mF super cap. (That is milli-F, not micro-F!)

They are less than a buck-fifty each.

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