Updated Firmware for PM 800, PF 800, PM 100/200, PM 120, 220, MM100, MM120

Spectra just (Tuesday Morning, 9:00 am MST 8 October 2019) released this update notice for users of Legacy Spectra and Ashtech equipment:

Legacy Spectra Geospatial GNSS Receiver Firmware Upgrades
Recently, we have received some reports of positioning issues with Spectra Geospatial legacy receivers encountering an inability to report a position. This is caused by the GLONASS almanac providing some out-of-tolerance data for one of the GLONASS satellites, and the positioning engine in the receiver treating the almanac as accurate.
This issue has been resolved with firmware fixes which you can download through the links below. This should be distributed immediately to all affected users, as it will resolve the issue with the GLONASS almanac.

In addition to the above, we have received some reports of positioning issues with the ProMark 500. We are currently developing a fix for the ProMark 500, and should have a fix available soon.

In addition to the Spectra location, I have mirrored the firmware at this web location for users who have difficulties getting the downloads:



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31 responses to “Updated Firmware for PM 800, PF 800, PM 100/200, PM 120, 220, MM100, MM120

  1. Marcio

    Nada sobre o PM 500 ainda?

  2. Marcio

    Nada ainda?
    Muita gente precisando dessa atualização.

  3. David

    Could you help with firmware upgrade? How to do it?

  4. Is there a GNSS Toolbox 3.6 for the MobileMapper 100? thought I had this but only have 3.5.3 installed thanks James

  5. jampot2000

    Do you know if there is a GNSS toolbox 3.6 for the MobileMapper 100? I only have 3.5.3 thanks James

  6. I recently had a Bad parameter on port F on an Ashtech MM100 can see that it has both Ashtech and Spectra Precision GNSS Toolbox & service layers. Likely this that causing the issue. As it has a GLONASS code in it amnot sure what to do at all any help would be greatly appreciated so I dont brick the device Thanks

  7. Try downloading the ZIP file, then decompress it.

    I believe that this version is an EXE that you run on your computer and then launch via Window Mobile Device Center.

  8. James

    Thanks I got that to work in the end by running the .exe file not the .msi installer but only when Activesync that have fixed to work in Windows 10. I wondered how or where the Glonass licence details are held in case I need to do a claen wipe in the future as always greatly appreciate your time

    • James

      I really appreciate your help and am still unfortunately having issues. I did a clean boot on an Ashtech MM100 and reinstalled the latest Firmware 2.6.a and Toolbox 3.6.0 It loaded both correctly and rebooted accordingly. It doesn’t matter what I do to the settings in GNSS Toolbox it doesn’t receive any satellite signals neither GPS nor Glonass (option is shown correctly). Have another device and have mirrored the settings in Windows Mobile have also added all the GNSS output options in GNSS toolbox. It just shows a blank. In our GPS software I can see its receiving some GNSS data strings but have left it out side for several hours and nothing doesnt find a single satellite. Have even removed both items of software rebooted and put the older firmware and GNSS toolbox back on it and this makes no difference. Its receiving something but wasnt sure if I needed to do a clean boot and load the older firmware first then upgrade to the newer version?

      Any ideas……..

  9. James ENGLAND


    I did a clean boot on the MM100 that was giving me grief and the firmware and software loads correctly. So I ruled out software and opted to open it up which took some doing as this one had been glued. Noticed when I look at the NMEA data the glonass string is missing. It looks like a loose internal aerial wire I have got it to work again but as soon as i put it back it deafualts back. Do you know if the Glonass option a seperate board and how easy is it to replace the internal patch aerial cable as i suspect its one of them. thanks again Mark

  10. FL Johnson

    If my Promark 100 is tracking Glonass satellites, do I need to install the upgrade?

  11. Benjamin Eyiku

    Please one of my software was deleted on my Pro mark 220z.
    The name of the software is fast survey.
    And the dock is not function and the batters are weak .
    Please i need help

  12. Jochen Schubert

    I haven’t had any issues connecting to Glonass satellites with my PM120. However I have noticed that there is a 30 cm offset between the same points surveyed in May last year vs April this year. Could This issues cause a bias in measurements? I have applied the patch but have not been out to re-survey yet.


    • 30 cm? was the ‘WGS -> NAD83’ check box under ‘System’ changed? Is there a localization in play? Is Basse Translation in play?

      • Jochen Schubert

        Where is there a ‘WGS->NAD83’ check box? I don’t see a ‘System’ menu anywhere. I did have the receiver collect coordinates in WGS coords. I can change that to NAD83-CORS96. I’m running ProMark Field 3.6.2.

        But I do think you’re right and there is some localization at play. I am in Southern California and CRTN made some significant changes to the way corrections are sent out to receivers. I used to use Direct IP before to connect to CRTN. Now I am using NTRIP. It also seems that CRTN is broadcasting base positions in NAD83.

  13. Ícaro

    boa tarde aos amigos…
    tenho um promark 800 que está parado ha quase dois anos por conta do rollover…
    baixo as atualizações daqui mas elas não instalam…
    gostaria da ajuda dos amigos…
    uym forte abraço…
    ícaro roberto freire

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