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OPUS Accumulator Updated

If you use the OPUS Accumulator this will be of some interest to you. (I realize that the OPUS Accumulator has a very limited audience, however if you need it–you really need it.)

Latest EXE:

ZIP file containing EXE:

  • I found a small bug in the heading for LAT1_RMS (it was labeled LON1_RMS.)
  • I have added two columns: EndTime and the computed DeltaTime (shown in HH:MM:SS).

Other recent updates added the Lat/Lon values displayed in DD MM SS.sssssss which will help those configuring base stations.

Here is a screen shot of the latest output with the changes highlighted:

OPUS Accumulator Changes

(Click on the image to see it full sized.)

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Turning the Phone OFF on the MobileMapper 20

If you have a MobileMapper 20 receiver, I am pretty sure that you are sick and tired of turning it on and seeing this screen:

SIM Card Milssing

informing that you don’t have a SIM card. You press the Cancel button to get here:

Turn Off the Phone!

and you don’t have to mess with it again.

… Until you turn the MobileMapper off, then turn it on again!

This sequence happens OVER and OVER and is enough to make me nuts.

Well, I have good news. There is a .CAB file that you can copy to your device and run. Once you run the tool, your receiver will remember if the phone was ON or OFF the last time it was one and it will power up in the same state.

You can download the tool from:

this [ folder ]

or with this direct [ link ]

Put the .CAB file (named MM20_Shutdown_20140925.CAB ) on the SD card or anywhere on the device. Then use the ‘File Explorer’:


to ‘click’ on the file. You will a prompt, then the receiver will reboot.

When it reboots, turn off the phone. For the last time!

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