Horrible SV Constellation, Even with GLONASS

I bet you think that just because you have GLONASS you will ALWAYS be able to survey.

Not so fast! Check out this constellation from Salt Lake City at 1:35 pm 22 Jan 2014:


Yes, that is 3 US SV’s above 30 degrees and
4 GLONASS SV’s above 30 degrees.

Surprisingly the HDOP = 0.68, VDOP = 1.38 and GDOP 1.93. Without tracking GLONASS, I don’t know how much RTK work we could get done right now.

I guess the take-away is “Don’t think you never need to mission plan, even if you have GLONASS. I can’t fix in the parking lot with a 2-meter pole, but with a 15′ pole:





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2 responses to “Horrible SV Constellation, Even with GLONASS

  1. Bojan

    Hello, i saw that you receiving 16/16 satellites. I have PM 800 and i always have 14 satellites max. I read in some documentations that this is setup in software. I have FastSurvey, can i make my rover to get calculations from more than 14 satellites?


    • Yes, you can send a command “PASHS,SVM,25” to set the number of tracked SV’s to a value higher than 14. Typically I don’t think that this will result in a better solution.

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