Respirator Required to Walk to Work in Salt Lake City

I just purchased one of these:


so that I can safely walk to work in Salt Lake City. Really!

The air quality in Salt Lake City is so bad, on so many days that it is no longer safe to walk, bike or exercise outdoors. Most days, we have the worst air in the nation, only 2nd to the air quality in Logan Utah. Every polluted day (basically every day in the Winter) is just like smoking a pack and a 1/2 of cigarettes. I am not kidding.

The Utah government has some 1/2 baked plans that might result in better air 20 years from now. But it is the pie in the sky stuff that is clearly just what it appears to be. Bullshit.

What we really need to do is STOP enticing new companies to move to the Wasatch Front, bringing more people and more pollution. The solution is NOT more business. The solution is NOT more people.

The state should STOP stealing money from the the existing companies to pay open BRIBES to prospective ‘move in’ companies. The BRIBE money should instead be paid to move the companies that are already here elsewhere so their employees will be safe.

Sundance, Outdoor Retailer are great forums to get the word out: Salt Lake City is just a HORRIBLE place to live, work and play. It is NOT safe to breath the air here. The Wasatch Front has become a wasteland of  unsustainable growth and dysfunctional government. Becker’s response will be to write more parking tickets, perhaps reducing the permissible maximum tire to curb spacing  to 12″. Now that will clear up the air!

If you are a company, planning to move a business to Salt Lake City/Provo/Logan, please think twice about it! You are moving to an unsafe environment. You are putting the health of your employees and their children at grave risk. You very seriously need to rethink your plans and consider ANYWHERE but Salt Lake City as a destination for your company. Salt Lake City is horrific wasteland. You should go elsewhere, someplace safe.

Assuming you like breathing…

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