ADL Vantage Pro – Powered Cooling

The Pacific Crest Vantage Pro 35 watt radios (Part Number 75450-43 ADL Vantage Pro) get hot. Really hot.

Luckily, they include a software feature that reduces the output power. This keeps them from melting. As it gets hot this summer, I expect to get a lot of calls from customers with range that reduces as the days heat up.

Last Friday, I received the first cooling fans for the ADL VP radio. They bolt on to the back, include a hook to hang on a tripod and a nifty ‘Y’ cable for powering from the same lead as the radio.

The ADL Cooler's Fans

The Pacific Crest part number is “82218-16 ADLVP Fan Mount with Wall Bracket”, the price is reasonable and should keep the radio running at full power.


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