Trimble vs. Spectra Precision Ashtech

Is it just me, or does the new Trimble GeoExplorer 5 look really similar to the SP Ashtech MobileMapper 100?

Image  Image

Just saying, they look similar, that’s all.

For more information:

GeoExplorer 5:

MobileMapper 100:

There is some interesting “fine print” at the bottom of the Geo5 information page: “Trimble GeoExplorer 5 series handhelds are available in most regions but will not be available initially in North America or China. For further information contact your local Trimble reseller.”

It also looks like the Geo5 won’t have the L2 capability of the MM100. I wonder what the pricing might be?


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2 responses to “Trimble vs. Spectra Precision Ashtech

  1. I know this is an old post but would be interested to learn what the Trimble Geo 5 is inside is it identical to the Mobile Mapper 100?

    • Trimble Geo5 is identical to the MM120. I don’t think it is possible to purchase the L2 option for the Geo5. But you can get TerraSync which may be good.


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