End of Customer Support Update

Ref:  [ https://blog.ashgps.com/2019/04/18/the-end-of-non-customer-support/ ]

‘The End of Non-Customer” blog entry that generated the most feedback of any blog entry on this blog. Actually more feedback than all other entries combined.

Most of the new comments are non-customers asking for help with ProMark / MobileMapper 100 / 120 receivers in doing the update! ( Here are my [ step-by-step instructions ]. ) I am deleting these requests because I think they are demeaning to the requesting person. So, in response to a blog entry that says no more endless support for equipment that we did not sell for customers that we will not possibly sell to in the future; the response is demands for more free assistance.

O.M.G. Obviously there is a problem here.

But I want to make one thing clear: if you purchased equipment from iGage we will support you in anyway we can. Don’t hesitate to call us! If you purchase equipment from us, we provide great support.

Again: if you purchased your equipment elsewhere, call YOUR dealer. We are NOT YOUR DEALER. We don’t WANT to be your dealer. You already made this choice, we did not participate in the decision.


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  1. Gaby Dubuc

    Hello Mark, i do support too in Canada french part and i understand. 90% of the time the upgrade works (20 units up to now) and the problem i have observe as experience if it can be usefull to you. The 10% in problem is something else relate to 2015 units mm120. They stay at the welcome picture spectra precision and the cold boot dont work after a very long time (2 hours) We replace it with a Geode (from Juniper in your neighboor) and an android solution with our mapping runtime develop on ESRI Arcmap runtime. If you have a better solution with asmaller shape than the Geode call me for a discution

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