Magellen Professional, Ashtech, Spectra Precision, Spectra Geospatial GNSS Receivers and GPS Week Number Rollover – April 2019

This is an URGENT NOTICE for users of the following GNSS receivers:

ProFlex 500, ProFlex 800
MobileMapper 100, 120
ProMark 100, 120, 200, 220, 700, 800
SP 20, 60, 80, 90m

The notice also includes information for users of:

ProMark 700
MobileMapper 300
EPOCH 10, 25, 35, 50

If you are using any of these receivers, you MUST update firmware prior to April 6th 2019 or your receivers will stop working at (about) midnight UTC the morning of April 7th 2019.

Specific Instructions, with links to updated firmware can be found in this Official Spectra Geospatial ‘Support Note’:


(The following note is from Mark Silver and does not reflect an official position from the factory.)

No official information is available from the factory regarding ProMark 3, ProMark 2 or earlier receivers. Since the ProMark 100 receiver is a descendant of the ProMark 3 and all subsequent devices (ProMark 120, ProMark 500, ProMark 800 and SP80/60) have mandatory firmware updates it is my guess that the PM2/PM3 receivers will fail on rollover. In addition, I believe that the desktop tool ‘GNSS Solutions’ will probably also fail.

Will the failure be catastrophic? Perhaps not. In the case of static files from ProMark 3 receivers it may be possible to ‘fix’ them using a software shim tool to modify RINEX dates.

To put the ProMark 3 in perspective, I do not believe that we have any working PM3’s at iGage to play with at this point (and the search for them may prompt a needed shelf cleaning and subsequent dumpster fill.) I will disclose that I have received more calls from ProMark 3 users worried about WNRO than any other device. So I do realize that there are many PM3’s in daily use.

I would caution everyone that while some receivers have been tested using GPS/GNSS simulators, the process of constructing simulation files is VERY complicated. Normally the simulators use signals that are recorded and then replayed. So there might be additional complications discovered after April 7th.

In any case, I plan to spend Sunday April 7th pulling old receivers and testing them at the office. Hopefully it will be an uneventful, sunny, spring day.

Good tracking to all,

Mark Silver


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9 responses to “Magellen Professional, Ashtech, Spectra Precision, Spectra Geospatial GNSS Receivers and GPS Week Number Rollover – April 2019

  1. kusairi

    When I used USB cable and firmware loader, it says that my software warranty was up to 2017and the required warranty for this firmware was 2019. How could I upgrade the firmware warranty?

  2. Gioberti

    there are not file exe for promark 100,120

  3. Gioberti

    how the update is done

  4. Tim Droke

    Mr. Silver — I have a PM120 – if I read the info correctly – my unit needs to be updated to continue the correct dating app. I clicked on the site for info on which firmware will be okay with this and I believe mine needs the update. My firmware is as follows;
    GNSS Service Version 2.1.m
    Firmware Ht26
    System firmware w213
    My s/n 020614470489
    The SP site states to contact the dealer on how to update. I have downloaded the update firmware for this unit – just need to know how to transfer to the unit. – Thank you

  5. Charilaos Zachariades

    For ProMark3 and some other devices there is the following link

  6. Bakare Wakeel oladele

    I have Promark 100 that can not boot

  7. Kris

    All OK akter your Sunday test?

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