Flying Manners

I just got back from the Spectra Precision Dealer Meeting in Panama City, Panama on Saturday. I learned a lot and saw a lot of neat things.

On one of the flight segments, I ended up sitting in the middle seat in Row 9. The guy in the isle played with his iPad for most of the short trip. When the seat belt sign was turned off after we landed, he jumped up and ran for the front of the cabin. He was so fast that he made it all the way to the plane door before any other passengers stood up!

Now, I believe that you should allow those in front of you to exit the plane first. If they obviously choose to wait, sitting in their seats until the plane empties, then it is okay to pass them. So I am always shocked when self entitled folks bolt past others. I consider this a sure sign that the person is so self-centered that they have clear clinical mental issues.

So it was with great pleasure that I grabbed the guy’s iPad from the seat pouch, held it up and said “Hey Rude-Dude, you forgot your iPad!” I then put it back in the seat pocket and enjoyed watching everyone else absolutely make sure that he waited for the entire plane to empty before allowing him to work his way back down the plane to retrieve it.


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