Heavy Duty Mount for MM100/PM100/PM200

What is the best way to mount a MobileMapper 100, ProMark 100 or ProMark 200 to the handle bars of your ATV?

How about this combination:

The 1″ diamond plate is epoxied and screwed to the standard Ashtech cradle. The parts required are:

SECO:5200-201, PN 5200-201; ARM,DOUBLE SOCKET,1″” (16); MSRP $19.95

RAM MOUNT:RAM-B-238U; RAM Mount Aluminum 1″ Ball w/ Diamond Plate;  UPC 79344210238

SECO:5199-050; PN 5199-050; U-BOLT ASSY,BRACKET,ATV BALL (NIC); MSRP $15.95

In a year, I will let you know how this holds up.

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