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ProMark 700: I love this

Okay, I am a late adopter on this one… I received my ProMark 700 receiver on Monday. It is really nice, and I am embarrassed to have not gotten one earlier.

Here is my short list of reasons to check out the PM700:

  1. Unbelievable light weight: 19.990 oz
  2. Long 10 hour life on a short charge
  3. One button operation (really!)
  4. Two LED’s: charging/on and Bluetooth
  5. Quick turn on, perhaps 15 second from turning on to tracking
  6. Fantastic performance (indistinguishable from a PM800)

The single power connector is high quality, and the receiver comes with a cigarette adapter so I can charge it at lunch time. (Not that it needs it, because the 10 hour life is more than enough to get me through a day.)

The bottom mount (the 5/8” hole on the bottom) is plenty tough enough for mounting a 20 oz receiver.

I can read the LED’s outside.

The manual is a single page.

The RTK performance in the Utah VRS is spectacular. I dependably get 2-second fixes in front of our office, north of the big blue spruce from full inverted dumps.

I did a couple hundred dump-fixes on Tuesday and the range was less than 1 cm in trying conditions. In fact, it was the quickest 100 dump-fixes I have ever performed because the receiver is smoking hot fast.

Over the weekend, I will run some long occupations and report on low angle tracking errors in a later post. I will also try to compare the PM220 and the PM700 directly.

This is a great network survey rover. And it is a great precision GIS receiver.

And did I mention that the price is pretty good too?


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