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Repairs on Legacy Equipment

We can now offer repairs on legacy Ashtech equipment:

  • MM6, MMCE, MMCX, PM3, PM100, PM200, PM220 screens and touch-screens
  • ZMax Battery Re-Cells

Prices are reasonable and we are including FedEx 2-day return shipping. You can see a list of the repairs and prices [ here ].

For many repairs, the factory is a great option. But for some items like PM3 screen replacement our price is $1,100 less!

If you would like to receive automatic notices like this by email [ click here ]

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Is My PM200 in L1L2 or L1G1 mode?

If you have a PM200, you already know that the receiver will track L1/G1 or L1/L2. But not both.

If you are trying to record data to send to NGS for an OPUS solution, you need (have) to track L1/L2.

Here are my suggestions:

1. There is an interaction between FAST Survey and the GNSS Toolbox. In FAST Survey, under ‘Equip: GPS Rover: Receiver” press the ‘Advanced’ button. UNCHECK use GLONASS. 

2. Before you start to record raw data, make sure you are tracking L1 and L2. You can do this by going to the “Equip: Monitor Skyplot” screen. If the receiver is tracking L1/L2 you will see split signal strength bars for each SV. And you won’t see and GLONASS SV’s tracked on the bottom line.

Here is what this should look like when you are tracking L1 / L2:

Image(sorry about the crappy picture) You can see each signal strength bar is split, the left is L1 S and the right is L2 S.

This is also obvious from the GNSS Toolbox:



Again, each of the blue bars is split into two pieces.

Conclusion: If you are recording data to submit to OPUS and you don’t see the split bars, you have done something wrong. You need to select L1/L2 from the GNSS Toolbox AND you need to uncheck GLONASS in FAST Survey.




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