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How Much Data Does a GSM Rover Consume?

A common GSM Rover question is “How much data does a GSM Rover consume?’ or what kind of data plan should I purchase for the SIM card in my GSM Rover (a GSM rover is a RTK GPS receiver that receives real-time correction via a GSM cellular network connection.)

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Cad File Converter for Latest FAST Survey

Last week when I was at the Wyoming Engineering and Survey convention in Cheyenne Wyoming (which I should add was the warmest and least windy place I had been in two weeks–really) I found that I could not import a DWG file directly. It turns out that the cad file converter program was not installed with FAST Survey. I was able to enable the functionality by copying the converter from a valid SurvCE version 2.52 installation to my FAST Survey installation on my PM200.

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FAST Survey vs. Carlson SurvCE

Today’s release of new firmware for the ProMark 500 brings up an interesting consideration:

Is it better to pair FAST Survey or Carlson SurvCE with Ashtech equipment?

At first glance, both pieces of software are identical other than the initial splash screen. But release dates and versions expose an important difference: Carlson SurvCE releases do not match firmware updates in Ashtech equipment.

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