WMDC + Windows Defender Firewall: RNDIS

If you have watched my video (https://youtu.be/VHI4dwVbGbI ) and read the accompanying document ( http://igage.com/v/bin/WMDC_Win10_CreatorsEdition_Fix_RevB.pdf ) then you should have some idea that WMDC is disabled by default in Windows 10 and you have to ‘do some stuff’ to make it work again.

When you uncheck the box, instead of using RNDIS the connection is made by a virtual serial port service.

RNDIS is an embedded USB RNDIS host class driver provides a virtual Ethernet link over USB. Remote Network Driver Interface Standard (RNDIS) is a Microsoft proprietary protocol.

Unchecking the box is easy and results in a working system most of the time.

However, checking the box makes data transfers MUCH more reliable and over 3 times faster in most instances.

The problem with checking the box is most firewalls actively block WMDC over RNDIS.

The linked document shows how to edit the Windows Defender Firewall to allow WMDC to work….  [ continue reading: WMDC_RNDIS_007 ]

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