Another SurvCE Grid to Ground & Localization Resource

Here is a great resource for Grid-to-Ground and Localization in Carlson SurvCE (specifically Version 5.08)

[ SurvCE_LocalizationG2G_Rev014 ]

Index to the PDF:

Localization & Grid to Ground Scale Factors in SurvCE. 1

Grid-to-Ground. 1

Localizations. 1

Reusing last localization? Clean slate!. 1

001 Start a new job at 10,000, 10,000; use Geodetic North at Ground based at a chosen parcel corner. 2

002 Stat a new job, following a historic plat, matching the original basis-of-bearing but holding exact ground measurements. 5

003 Start a new job, using a custom Low Distortion Projection, based at a central location at the job. Choose the correct projection scale factor so that distances are ground. 6

004 Using the previous job, with LDP geodetic basis of bearings and ground distances (10,000, 10,000.) Hand enter a couple of NGS Control Points using the published geodetic positions. 10

005 Start a new job, retracing an existing survey. Initially use a few points to ‘get on the system’ then after finding the remaining corners, do a multipoint calibration looking for blunders. 11

006 Mix total station shots with GPS measurements at Grid. 14

007 Choose an appropriate Combined Scale Factor based on Job corners. Set a Geodetic (True North) BOB system at the job center. (Tricky because you need raw data at Job Center.). 16

008 Network Leveraging of Localization. 19

01:: I just collected 1,200 GPS field shots in the wrong state plane zone!. 27

02:: I just collected a ton of GPS data in international feet, it should have been US Survey Feet!. 28

03:: I collected a day’s worth of data using an autonomous base position, I would like to convert it to a true base position. 29

Adjusting Data Stored with an Autonomous Base to an OPUS Position. 29

03B:: How to read a GNSS Raw File. 35

GNSS Base. 35

.REF File Description. 36

.RW5 Base File Description. 37

04:: I did not store the base position as a point when I did a ‘Read GPS’, can I extract the base position from the raw file (.RW5) or the ref file (.ref)?. 38

05:: I localized on two points at this job and stored a ton of existing features. Now I realize that one of my control points was actually an offset. How do I save my work?. 38

06:: I just stored a shot with a 40000 foot HI!  39

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