Oregon OCRS Zone Coordinates in SurvCE

Question: How would I get on the the OCRS local coordinates?

It is our LUCKY day!!!! ?

They are built in. When you click on ‘Add Predefined’:

Drop down the ‘Country’ box:

[I bet you are surprised to find that Oregon is a Country now…]

And move down to ‘USA STATE OR’:


Highlight ‘OCRS Oregon Coast Zone’ at the bottom:


Click the green check mark.

If you want to check a point (as shown in the first document), go to ‘COGO: Calculator: Conversion (tab): then put the dot in LLH->Grid:


Enter one of the test points:

Click on the Solve N/E button:


With any luck (and if the job is metric ?) you will match the check point:


In this case, the checkpoint is an EXACT match!

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