InterGEO 2017: Day 0

This year, InterGEO 2017 was in Berlin. I had a fantastic time. I luckily had plenty of time for sightseeing and some great meals. Not to spoil the rest of the pictures, but here is a picture of me at Hoffbrau Berlin:


That is a 1-liter beer, it was perhaps the best beer I have ever drank and the food was even better. I can not wait to return.

For about $40 you can purchase a Bus/Subway pass that allows unlimited travel in Berlin for 1-week. So, I took the X9 (express bus) from the airport to the Zoo. It took about 13 minutes and dropped me off 200 meters from my hotel:


Walking around the hotel, I found this amazing vehicle. I think it might make a fantastic survey chariot:


Did a bunch of sightseeing Sunday and Monday, plus some business meetings.

I am going to add most all of the pictures that I took in three additional postings, one posting for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Unlike last year, I am going to try to add some meaningful comments to most of the pictures. I took a lot of pictures that were just overall booth shots, those won’t be detailed. But the booths that I found interesting will be commented.

These are my important take-aways:

  • Every surveyor should go to InterGEO once to see all the cool accessories and the overall size of the business. Europe is different, but until you see the size and complexity of the Leica, Trimble, UniStrong, ESRI, and other BigGuy booths; I don’t think you can have  a good picture of the size of this bussiness.
  • If you think you have a good idea for the ‘UAV’ market, you need to temper your enthusiasm with the reality of how many REALLY BIG and small companies are already full in. If your name is not DJI, you probably are not going to be successful in the rotary business.
  • It is not that difficult to go to a show in Germany. My trip cost less than $1800 and I stayed in a very nice hotel, did a lot of expensive entertaining and sightseeing. I think I could have reined in my spending and kept the entire trip under $1200 which is less than I would spend on the Carlson convention in Maysville probably.

It may take me a few more days to post my pictures, stay tuned!

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