InterGEO 2017: A Few Videos

These movies should have been intermixed with the pictures, but…I don’t know how to do that. So they are on their own page.

The drone parachute device keeps your UAV from hitting the ground at mach 4:


The GeoSlam video comes in two pieces. You basically can take this device and walk around in a building and it will map everything in real-time (well, there is a second registration step that is detailed in the 2nd movie.)


Leica was showing off the full IMU based tilt compensation on their new GS18T GNSS receiver. They had a competition where you would take 10 shots, the person with the fastest score won. There was a computer scoreboard in the hall that tabulated the results.

But, there was no tabulation of the point results. In other words, it was a race to press the store button on each of the 10 ground marks, but there was no indication if the points stored were even close to correct.

This video shows one of the contestants completing the course.

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