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Reusing Jobs in One Projection in a New Job with a Different Projection

Let’s assume that we have an .RW5 (Raw File) for a job in one projection (a custom projection) and we want to reuse ‘SOME’ of the coordinates and GPS shots in this job, in a completely NEW job with an alternate projection.

Thesis: I have hundreds of control points and boundary shots for a job that were taken in a custom LDP. Now I want to work on an adjoining site, but in a new projection (or perhaps a standard State Plane Projection.)

If we assign the previous file as the control file of new job with a completely different projection, then we can import the RAW GPS positions to set a base, and we can use the raw data as the GPS coordinates for a localization.

Continue Reading > survce_reusingcoordintesbetweendifferentjobswithdifferentprojections_reva

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Connecting a SP80 Receiver to a NTRIP/DIP Mount Point with Wi-Fi and SurvCE / FAST Survey

The SP80 is billed as ‘the most connected receiver’ and without question, it is.

The internal Wi-Fi transmitter makes it possible to connect a SP80 directly to a Mi-Fi, which reduces the amount of data on the Bluetooth channel.

Let’s look at a comparison between the traditional ‘Data Collector Internet’ (DCI) configuration vs. the SP80 method  [ … sp80-survce_wifi_connection … ]

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