Carlson SurvCE Robot Tracking vs. Tracking

Often Carlson SurvCE robotic users are confused by a robot that is tracking the prism while the screen indicates that Tracking is turned off. Here is a screenshot showing tracking disabled:


You can see that I am “locked” and if I move the prism around, the gun will follow the prism and the AR and ZA on the bottom update continuously:


But the interface shows that tracking is disabled:



If you push this button, then the gun will switch to ‘Tracking’ mode and the icon will change to this:


Which is ‘Tracking’ ON and the EDM will start firing. And the difference is on the bottom line:


You now have a slope distance displayed, the gun is firing and making a tracking measurement.

So while we are talking about this, what is the difference between “R” (READ) and “S” (STORE)? Read does a full read, then a store: the gun checks position on the prism, does a couple of precision average shots and then stores the result.

Store just stores the last reading acquired through the tracking process. And there can be a significant difference.

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