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Setting Up Email on LT30

Here are detailed instructions on how to setup email on an LT30 (but it will match most Windows Mobile devices) using a standard POP server.

Note: All of the credentials shown below are bogus, if you really are using an account on the iGage server you need to use the REAL credentials, not the bogus ones shown in the pictures!

For this demo, here are the email credentials and settings from the administrator:

User Name: marklt30@igage.com
Password: 123FfF321
SMTP Server: igage.igage.com (port 587)
POP Server: igage.igage.com (port 110)
Outgoing Server Requires SMTP Authentication

So on the LT30, start messaging:


Click on ‘Setup E-mail’ and enter the email address and password:


Click on ‘Next’:


Uncheck ‘Try to get …’, then click Next:


Choose ‘Internet e-mail’ then click ‘Next’:


Enter a reasonable name and account, then click Next:


Enter the incoming mail server (with port number after ‘:’ as shown) and choose POP3 for the account type, then click on Next:


Enter your full User name (with the @ and domain) and Password, then click on Next:


Enter the correct SMTP server (with optional port number after ‘:’), check the ‘Outgoing server …’ checkbox as required for your server, then click ‘Advanced Server Settings’


I recommend un-checking both the ‘SSL’ checkboxes, then click ‘Done’, then click ‘Next’:


If I am out surveying, and perhaps not connected to the internet, I don’t want to get a bunch of error messages about email. So I set the ‘Automatic Send/Recieve’ to ‘Manually’. Click ‘Finish’


Then click ‘Yes’ to check our settings:


I had already sent myself email congradulating myself on setting up the email account, so it shows up in my inbox.

If I click on it, the full message will be shown:


The real purpose here is to send a Carlson SurvCE .CRD file back to the office, so I can click on Menu: New:


And then from the send screen:


I can enter a destination email, subject and click on “Menu: Insert: File” (shown above) and browse to files in ‘My Documents’.

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Certificates on Windows Mobile

If you have a Windows Mobile device like the Spectra Precision Ranger 3, it has an ‘Internet Explorer’ program on it. You can use this to browse to websites like ours:


but if you browse to other websites (like Google) you get one or more security warnings:


What is up?

A couple of things, first when you  browse to Google, you type in “www.google.com” which evaluates to “http://www.google.com/”, but Google changes your request to the equivalent secure address “https://www.google.com/” which forces a secure web page to your mobile device.

Googles’s secure page is signed by


“Google Internet Authority G2” which in turn is signed by “GeoTrust Global CA”.

The underlying issue is new certificates are built with SHA2, not with SHA1. Microsoft depreciated SHA1 in July 2016. Early version of the operating system for the Ranger 3 don’t support SHA2. A new OS is available which does and if you update the OS (which will erase ALL data from the data collector) it will browse to these secure sites and load intermediate certificates as required.

There is a detailed description of the issue ( here )

There are many data collectors (which we also sell) that don’t have ready access to updated OS’s. There may not be an easy fix for these devices. However, I would add that for the intended purpose, these devices are still just fine. You should not be doing heavy web browsing on a Surveyor+ or LT30.

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