MobileMapper 50

So we have not publicized this much but SP has discontinued the MobileMapper 20 and we (iGage) no longer will sell the MobileMapper 120 receivers. (You will have to call and ask to find out why, can’t put it in writing.) To clarify, the MobileMapper 120 is probably still available from alternate providers.

The replacement for the MobileMapper 20 is the MobileMapper 50 and it looks to be a great tool. MobileMapper Field is now available to run on any android device, the MobileMapper 50 is an android device, looks to be a great little cell phone with decent memory and battery life. It is waterproof and has a 3-year factory warranty.

The problem is they are a bit behind in initial delivery, I have not even seen one yet. (We have ordered them, but they have not shipped yet.) I expect/hope to see one in Hamburg next week (Oct 10th 2016) at InterGEO and I will report back on what I find. (It is disappointing that I have to fly to Germany to see one.)

The MM50 has a uBLOX 72-channel engine (I think) so I expect about 1.5 meter CEP performance. It will be post-processable down to 80 cm (2.6 feet). So it is going to fill the sub-meter range of applications.

For sub-meter applications, I think that the future is going to be full RTK rovers connected by Bluetooth to handheld devices. However we do have an excellent Windows Embedded based solution (with a Trimble BD910 engine) available now: LT500T but this is another story.

In the old days (like two years ago) RTK receivers were so expensive that it was worth the trouble to post-process. Now in most urban areas there are RTK networks that provide base corrections at reasonable prices. You can get a top performing RTK network rover for around $6,000 now. These devices provide centimeter level accuracy for about the same price as a GIS receiver, without the burden of post-processing. Post-processing is going to die and it is a GOOD THING.

Anyway, more information on the MobileMapper 50 soon. It is safe to start holding your breath now for answers. 🙂

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