FTP Server on Windows Mobile Devices

You can use a FTP Server on a Windows Mobile Device (like Surveyor2, Ranger3, LT30, Nautiz X8…) and use the WiFi connection to move data back and forth between your computer and the mobile device:

Let’s face it, ActiveSync is a PITA. ActiveSync over Bluetooth can be a little simpler (see [ Connecting by Bluetooth ]) but it still relies on ActiveSync.

What I would really like to do when I return to the office is just move all of my data files over Wi-Fi to my desktop. I don’t want to extract SD cards, I don’t want to find the stupid cable.

Here is the solution: [ MochaSoft WMD FTPServer ], download it to your PC, run it while ActiveSynced to your data collector, install it, then type in the freeware username and password (displayed on the download page).

Now you can run the Server (from Start: Programs) and it will display the IP address of the data collector. All you need to do is type in this address in your explorer and you can move data back and forth to the mobile device. At full WiFi speeds! Here is what the address will look like in your Windows Explorer address bar.

Did I mention that this works on Linux and Macs too?

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