SP60 vs. SP80

I made the comparison table (below) to compare the Spectra Precision SP60 and SP80 products.

Let me summarize the differences:

Price SP60 costs 11% less. SP60 does not have hot swapable battery. SP60 does not have nifty display. SP60 does have L-Band for Centerpoint (nifty but none of my customer will use.) SP60 has 1/8 the internal memory. SP60 does not have an internal cell phone. SP60 does not have internal Wi-Fi (which is kind of a deal breaker for me, I love the internal Wi-Fi!) SP60 does not appear to have tilt sensor.

SP60 SP80
Cost for L1L2 GNSS UHF Rover $12,400 $13,995
Display 5-LEDs PMOLED Display
Built in Wi-Fi NO 802.11 BGN
Internal Static Occupation Memory 256 MB 2 GB
Maximum Recording Rate 10 Hz 20Hz
L-Band (RTX Center Point Support) YES NO
Bluetooth 2.1 EDR Long Range 2.1 EDR
Bluetooth for Site Corrections YES NO
Internal GSM Cell Modem none 3.5 G QuadBand
Number of batteries 1 2
Battery Life (GNSS + UHF Rx) 8 hours 10 hours
Weight 930 g (2.1 lb) 1170 g (2.6 lb)
Memory Expansion none 32 GB SD Card
Warranty 2-years 2-years
UHF Radio (exact same for both receivers) XDL 2-Watt XDL 2-Watt
Anit-theft Lock to Location Lock to Location,
SMS, EMail Msgs
Tilt Sensor Nope Yes

So what is going on here? My guess is the SP80 is positioned to be the choice for most typical sales. And my guess is the SP60 is a price-point flexible offering. So you will see deals, trade-ins, promotions, discounts, specials, great quantity pricing and super-duper pricing in South America and Asia.

But I won’t know for sure until someone comes along and tries to purchase 20 of them at once!

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