End of the Road for PM700, MM300

Spectra Precision has announced end of shipping of the ProMark 700 [and we could assume the MobileMapper 300 soon.] We (iGage) still have at least one more PM700 available.

The ProMark 700 was a BD930 based L1+L2+G1+G2 network rover (no UHF radio) in a simple package (small pole top antenna) with killer performance.

pm700RIP ProMark 700

The replacement is the SP60, which basically does everything the PM700 does and adds a replaceable battery.

sp60Long live the SP60!

Yes, there is a slight change in price: SP60 =$10,950; ProMark 700=$7,995 ($3,000).

But the SP60 has the possibility of having a UHF radio added to the bottom (same as the SP80.) If you are wondering, the list price on the SP60 with UHF is $12,450 and the list price of the SP80 with UHF is $13,995.

And yes, I agree that it is totally worth $1,545 extra to get the SP80.

sp80_1392084456291SP80 Rocks!

Because the SP80 has: Dual hot swappable batteries, Tilt Sensor, Display, Built-in Wi-Fi, nice button interface, built in Web Server… and more.

Both the SP80 and SP60 utilize the same GNSS Engine which is the best performing engine (in the open and under canopy) available today.


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