CHC i80’s Shipping from iGage

Okay, this is a year late probably. But we (iGage) have actually shipped a couple of i80 pairs!


The ‘iGage i80 User Manual’ is complete (other than antenna calibrations) and the iGage Download Tool recognizes the i80 and successfully can pull data files from the i80.

There are a few gotchas:

  1. We don’t have antenna calibrations for the i80, however robotic calibrations are in progress and expected soon.
  2. We don’t have heavy duty power cables for the i80, however they are in progress and expected within a week or two.
  3. You have to run SurvCE 5.0 beta (which is called 4.90.31 currently.)
  4. The tilt compensation and calibration does not work in SurvCE (this must be a software issue because the CHC Landstar program appears to work well with the MEMs functions.

Other than that, you could conceivably place an order and have a pair shipped to you (the next shipment arrives at our office around the 27th of January.)

Call for pricing, it is not nearly as bad as you would expect…




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