Breaking News for 2016: Some Trimble Receivers Not Tracking GLONASS

Heads Up. This is not factory confirmed, just my observations at this point:

It appears to me (and a compatriot, Pavel in Europe) that GPS equipment based on the BD970 and BD930 GNSS engines with ‘newer’ GNSS firmware are not tracking GLONASS this morning (January 1 2016.) We have verified this both in Europe and the USA.

It appears that downgrading device firmware to V4.85 resolves the issue. So any version higher than 4.85 appears to not track GLONASS. (If you downgrade a receiver 4.85, you will need to wait 5-minutes to begin tracking GLO after reset.)

We have verified it on several network receivers worldwide. You can check these:

Which are located in Colorado and (at this moment) are tracking no GLONASS.

We have verified that NovAtel, Ashtech, SP80/SP60 and TopCon have no issues.

Since the Spectra Epochs and ProMark 700’s are based on these boards, I assume that they may be affected. Again, it depends on the GNSS Firmware version.

I can’t find anything using Google searches confirming this, nor have I been able to reach my normal contacts because of the Holiday timing.

Again, this is just a heads-up. I don’t have any firm information other than a dozen receivers located around the country. It appears that most Trimble network receivers in the networks that I have access to are not tracking GLONASS this morning.

If this turns out to be true, it could bad firmware or faulty control segment uploads (or something entirely different.)

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