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Leap Second Report: Receivers Okay, OPUS …. ?

I came back to the office after 7:00 pm tonight to test the pile of receivers that I had set out earlier in the day. I figured I should get a head start on any problems that the leap second might generate.

I used my ProFlex 500 at the house (3 KM baseline to office) to test the following receivers:

ProMark 500
ProFlex Lite
ProMark 800
ProMark 220 (which reflects on the ProMark 120 and MobileMapper 120)​
ProMark 200 (which reflects on the ProMark 100 and MobileMapper 100)​

I am happy to report that they all tracked GLONASS (except for the ZMax of course), got fixed solutions, got the correct position and had the usual elevation range. (If there were any big failures, I was going to take the next couple of weeks off .)

All of the receivers just started tracking and fixed. I did not need to do a reset, or wait for new ephemeris on any of them (even the ZMax!) They seemed to just work.

I also collected 1.5 hours of static data with a X90-OPUS and a X900S-OPUS. They too just turned on and started tracking SV’s.

I was able to succesfully process the baseline between the two receivers using GNSS Solutions.

I also was unable to process any of the files in SPSO which claimed there were no ephemeris for the occupations.

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