GNSS Solutions “Apply to All” required for non-zero Instrument Heights in RINEX Imported Files

You probably have already figured out that GNSS Solutions is not being maintained anymore. But I know there are a lot of folks using it for processing single and dual frequency Static and Stop&Go occupations.

I wanted to warn everyone that there is a ‘known’ bug when importing standard RINEX files into ‘GNSS Solutions’:

If a RINEX file contains an HI, or if you enter an HI for an imported RINEX occupation; and the HI is non-zero; then you need to push the ‘Apply to All’ button before you ‘Process Baselines’.

Here is a picture showing the dialog and the button:
You get to the ‘Occupations’ tab by selecting the ‘Files’ tab on the workbook:
Then double-clicking in the left-hand-column of the file:

If you don’t do this, then the instrument height that is embedded in the RINEX file (or that you hand enter) may not be recognized and the job is effectively processed with a 0.0 HI. Which will make all derived heights too high.

The latest revision of GNSS Solutions 3.80 is now three years old and it may be time to update. But the update path is not yet totally clear to me. But I am working with a product manager on what I think will be a spectacular alternative. I will post a note if I find anything.


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