Debugging a NTRIP Connection to a VRS Server

There is a common issue with VRS networks where something goes wrong and your rover can’t just connect quickly so you can get to work.

When this happens, what do I do?

  1. Usually on the hotspot you can see a signal strength and some indication that it has talked to the network. A ‘trick’ that I use is to turn the hotspot off, then turn it back on and watch it log onto the cellular network. After mine logs on, it makes a beep and then on the bottom line it displays the amount of data I have left for the month. If I see the data bar, then there is a good chance that I will be happy because the hotspot was able to connect and get my data usage information.
  2. Next, I open internet explorer on my data collector and go to Google. I like to search for ‘food’ or ‘sex’. Most of the time Google shows me a picture of two elephants humping. Now I know that I am connected to the internet and can have, at least, basic needs met.
  3. My next step is to test my connection to the actual server. I have this ‘favorite’ on my Internet Explorer this address:
    you should click on it and see what it says. If you get a source table, then I am POSITIVE that I can connect to the Utah VRS system. You can build a similar address for your network.
  4. Finally I attempt to connect on the data collector. If it works, I am off and running. If it does not work, then I attempt to connect to a Single Baseline mount point (the nearest base).
  5. If this fails, then I go to ‘Monitor Skyplot’ and make sure the receiver is tracking satellites. If it is not tracking SV’s, then it can not send my position to the network.
  6. A failure at this point makes me suspect that my data collector is not connected by Bluetooth properly to the head. I use the ‘I’ (Info) button under ‘GPS Rover’ to verify that I can read the serial number of the attached collector.
  7. At this point, I turn everything off. Take the batteries out, Drink a cup of coffee and then start over.


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