OPUS Accumulator Updated

If you use the OPUS Accumulator this will be of some interest to you. (I realize that the OPUS Accumulator has a very limited audience, however if you need it–you really need it.)

Latest EXE: http://x90gps.com/bin/OPUSAccumulator.exe

ZIP file containing EXE: http://x90gps.com/bin/OPUSAccumulator.zip

  • I found a small bug in the heading for LAT1_RMS (it was labeled LON1_RMS.)
  • I have added two columns: EndTime and the computed DeltaTime (shown in HH:MM:SS).

Other recent updates added the Lat/Lon values displayed in DD MM SS.sssssss which will help those configuring base stations.

Here is a screen shot of the latest output with the changes highlighted:

OPUS Accumulator Changes

(Click on the image to see it full sized.)

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