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Secrets of the PM220, PM200, PM120, PM100, MM120 & MM100

Yes, and I mean the real, honest to goodness secrets. Not the stuff that is printed in the User Manuals. Not the stuff that is printed in the factory repair manuals.

This is the real deal secrets. And while it is a work in progress, it needs to see the light of day.

So if you are looking to reload firmware, software, extract serial numbers…

Continue reading … [  PMxx0_ReloadingDevice  ]


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MobileMapper Office Post-Processing: Controlling Reference Frames

Mobile Mapper Office supports automatic downloading of CORS data for Post-Processing. The CORS station coordinates are seeded with IGS08 current epoch framed coordinates. In addition, the distributed station lists have not been updated with new CORS stations so many new CORS stations are missing from the list.

This application note is a must for any user in the United States of America using Mobile Mapper Office to post-process data collected in Mobile Mapper Field or ArcPad with Post-Processing enabled.

continue reading here [ MMOffice_ReferanceFrames_RevB ]

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