Hooked On Options: retaining customers with options

This is not the way that anything (that I know of) currently works, but it is worth a thought. (That means this is a hypothetical example, and let me just say upfront that ‘Bozo Navigation’ is not based on any real company. Other than the clowns, of course.)

Pretend that three years ago you purchased a Bozo MapWiz 200 for $3,200. You purchased these options for your new device:

  • GLONASS $1,000
  • L2 Tracking $1,990
  • Network RTK Rover $695
  • Bozo Field Software $1,000

That is $4,685 worth of software and firmware options making the total price $7,885. The receiver has worked great and you have used it two or three days every week and have few complaints.

But last week, Bozo Navigation released a new model, the MapWiz 220. It tracks Galileo, Compass, L2C and L5; plus the processor is faster and the screen is easier to read in sunlight. The MapWiz 220 is the same price as the MapWiz 200, but your firmware and software will still add up to $7,885.

You would love to upgrade, but that is a lot of money and while you are checking out the new ‘Bozo Navigation’ device you see that their Chinese competitor ‘HighClown GNSS’ has a very similar device for $6,120 that includes everything.

If you purchase the HighClown device, then you can keep your existing  MapWiz device for a backup while upgrading to the newest tracking technology. Obviously, the HighClown receiver is the way to go.

However, what if BZN (Bozo Navigation) allowed you to return your MapWiz 200 and then transfer your existing options to a new MapWiz 220? Then the 220 would be the way to go. You would be “trapped” into staying with Bozo Navigation forever because your options were transferable. And $3,200 every three years would be a small price (indeed) to always have the latest GPS technology.

You heard it here first!

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