Nuts for Antenna Connector on [ PM3, MMCE, MMCX, MM100, MM120, PM100, PM120, PM200, PM220 ]

I lost the antenna connector nut on my (pick one: PM3, MMCE, MMCX, MM100, MM120, PM100, PM120, PM200, PM220) GPS Receiver!

The antenna nut is critical piece of the receiver. Without it, the connector will push into the body. The body will not be watertight. You won’t be able to use your device.

Below, I have links to where you can purchase the nuts for about $2 each.

Here is some background information and pictures:

1The connector on a PM100, with .LC style nut shown

2What the nut screws on

3How this fits into a receiver body (MMCX in this case)

The connector is a Lemo connector part number EPE.00.250.NTN. You can find the connector on the top of page 18 in the [ LEMO_CATALOG_47-00262-001 ].
The nut is shown on page 30 of the same [ LEMO_CATALOG_47-00262-001 ].
The nut is a M7 (7 mm) by 1/2 mm thread, panel nut. It is doubtful that you can purchase this nut from a secondary source (I checked all the nut and bolt shops here in SLC with no success.)
The part description is “GEC Conical nut” and the part number is shown as GEC.00.240.LN:
I believe the part number is printed incorrectly in the catalog and should actually be: GEC.00.240.LC.
You can purchase this nut directly from Mouser: [ GEC.00.240.LC ]
If conical nuts are out of stock, consider purchasing the hex nut version from Mouser: [ GEC.00.240.LN ]:
or the notched version [ GEG.00.240.LC ]:
they will set you back about $2.00 each.

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