Windows 8 and USB to Serial Convertors

A couple of months ago I purchased a new laptop computer. It is a screamer. Came with Windows 8 which was updated  automatically to Windows 8.1. I also upgraded from Microsoft Office ’98 to the very latest version.

The first surprise is I love Windows 8.1. I get what it is doing, and I have had no problems with the OS. I like the latest version of Office too.

One of the things that did not work was my old USB to Serial converter. There is something wrong with the USB to Serial converter’s chip-set and the Prolific driver claims it is an unauthorized clone chip (or some such thing.)

I found some work-around’s online, but they look like a pain in the butt. Instead, I purchased a new USB to Serial converter from Amazon. It works PERFECTLY and even works with the Pacific Crest ADL Dealer Program, which I have never been able to get to fully work on any 64-bit machine.

So I can personally recommend this device: [ Tera Grand ] they are $11.25 each delivered with Prime.

I also purchased a [ HDMI to DVI cable ] $3.08 and a [ HDMI to VGA cable ] $4.22. (Again, delivered with Prime.) Both cables work perfectly.

It is an amazing cable word!



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