WiFi on ProMark 120, 220, 100, 200 and MobileMapper 100, 120

These devices:

ProMark 120, 220 (legacy ProMark 100, 200)

MobileMapper 120 (legacy MobileMapper 100)

can all benefit by connecting to an external source of corrections. Each of these devices have an internal GSM modem, which can be activated by installing a GSM Sim card. An alternative method is to make a Bluetooth connection to a cell phone, however this is extremely difficult.

In the United States, Mexico and Canada many areas are better served by CDMA cellular service (Verizon in the USA.) These devices do not have a CDMA modem. So generally they connect to the internet by WiFi.

But the devices do not have built in WiFi so a SDIO card is used. And the card sticks out the side of the receiver:



You can easily remove the flap:

2NoFlap 3CloseUp

But this is not weatherproof.

Generally we make it weatherproof with electrical tape:


5CloseUpTapeWhich is not horrible.

If you live and work in an area with EXCELLENT GSM coverage, then you probably don’t care about any of this because you can use the internal GSM radio. However if you plan on using a MiFi (wireless hotspot) which [ I think is the way to go ] then you need to consider this as you think about purchasing a ProMark 220.

In spite of the stupid tape solution, which definitively sucks, the ProMark 220 is still an excellent network rover. It’s performance is nearly equal to the ProMark 800, at a fraction of the price.





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11 responses to “WiFi on ProMark 120, 220, 100, 200 and MobileMapper 100, 120

  1. Andy C

    Since getting my PM220, it has been impossible to set up a Bluetooth connection with my Galaxy S4. The two pair just fine, but do Not stay connected at all. My reseller is sending me one of the cards (that stick out) but it’s obviously not the intended best solution if duck tape is the waterproofing answer. Any thoughts on keeping the connection live or should I just go to the SIM from Verizon?

    • I would use the WiFi card. It works perfectly. Just sticks out.

      Don’t use duct tape. Use high quality electrical tape. I prefer the wider stuff.

      Verizon does not make GSM sim cards (at least in my market.) And the internal modem connects at a fraction of the speed of a MiFi device.

      Be sure to checkout this link: https://ashgps.wordpress.com/2013/05/22/mifi-vs-sim-card/

      • Andy C

        I received a Spectec Mifi card from my vendor today, but no instructions yet on how to configure. Do you know of a source to help me configure and use on my PM220?

      • Sure, I absolutely know of a source. The company that supplied you with the card. If you purchased the Wi-Fi card from us (iGage) please give us a call and we will get you going. If you purchased it from someone else, it is only fair to contact them for support. Especially immediately after the purchase.

        And it is unfair and unreasonable to expect another dealer to do so.


  2. Matthew

    We have been using Spectec Wi-Fi card in our PM220 with success. The electrical tape cover is a workable solution, but we do a lot of work in the rain and would prefer to have the cover over the card slot. I have been researching SD Wi-Fi cards that would fit in the card slot without removing the cover. The card that would seem the most compatible with the PM220 is the Toshiba FlashAir Wi-Fi LAN W-02 SDHC CL10 memory card. My only concern is the Spectec Wi-Fi states it is Windows Mobile 2003 compatible while the Toshiba FlashAir only states operating system support for Windows, Mac, Linux.

    Have you tried or had success with other SD Wi-Fi cards? Does the Toshiba FlashAir have the potential to work in the PM220?

  3. Mark O'Hara

    I tried the Toshiba FlashAir Wi-Fi LAN W-02 and it didn’t work. 😦
    Spectec makes shorter ones, and the mini’s has anyone tried those?

  4. Anton Casas

    Hello, i’m user Promark 220 too. Exists some solution for connect device with cell phone via bluetooth for Internet use?

    When I pair two devices, “Partnership Settings” screen don’t shows any option. Is blank.

    (Excuse me for my English level, I’m spanish)

    Thank you very much.

  5. Mark

    My 220 is having issues with wifi (The wifi “button” on the unit does not turn on nor off (I think this is a result of continuously inserting and re-inserting the wifi/SD cards), is there a bluetooth internet option?

    • There is, but you will have a heck of a time finding something to bond with that will work.

      Try removing the drivers for the SpecTec card (Start: Settings: System: Remove Programs) and then reinstalling them.


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