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ButtonOff Revisted

The previous post Turning Off MM and PM Receivers  generated a firestorm of activity.

Clearly my method for short-cutting the OFF buttons on these devices:

MobileMapper 100, MobileMapper 120

ProMark 100, ProMark 120, ProMark 200, ProMark 220

is popular.

However, it is a lot of work to copy and paste the shortcut. So I am now providing an automated tool to build the shortcut.

This link [ ButtonOff.exe ] will download a short windows program. If your receiver is ActiveSync’ed or connected with Windows Mobile Device Center this program will automatically build the link for you.

Here is what my tool looks like when you run it:





Clicking button 1 will display some basic information about your device (assuming it is connected):

2Finally clicking button 2 will build the ButtonOff link under the Start Menu on your device.

You can now turn the device off (without worrying about the Standby Mode) from the touchscreen:






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