Turning Off the MobileMapper and ProMark Receivers

Update: Automated tool available: [ https://ashgps.wordpress.com/2013/12/07/buttonoff-revisted/ ]

If you have a MobileMapper 100, MobileMapper 120, ProMark 100, Promark 120, ProMark 200 or ProMark 220 then you already know how difficult it is to turn the receivers off. (We made a movie about it ‘Turning Off a …‘ )

A quick review of this problem: On, Off, Standby:

If the receiver is OFF, pushing the button and holding for 1-second will turn it on

If the receiver is ON, pushing the button and holding for 1-second will put it in Standby

If the receiver is ON, pushing the button and holding for 5-seconds will turn it off

If the receiver is in STANDBY, pushing the button and holding for 5-seconds will turn it back on

I am going to go out on a limb here and say “There is no advantage to putting the receiver in Standby” and worse than that, it can be impossible to get a receiver out of standby because the buttons are too stiff. For the same reason, when I turn off a receiver, more often than not I put the receiver into standby by accident.

The solution to this issue has been staring us in the face for a long time. But I have only discovered it this morning.

Before I give you the solution, let me first promise you that we are going to preload this solution on all new equipment that we ship. I suspect that our competitors will follow.

Also, let me say that the following steps are detailed in PAINFULL detail. Anyone who can turn on the receiver should be able to follow them.

Here we go with the solution:

Click on the start button (this will be slightly different depending on 100 or 120):


Click on “File Explorer”:


Click on the little drop down arrow to the right of the current folder:


Select ‘My Device”:


Drag down a bit and click on the folder icon to the left of Windows:


Drag down and find the “ButtonOff” icon and program. Click and hold on the ‘ButtonOff’ until a pop-up menu is displayed. Click on ‘Copy’:


Drag up and find the folder called ‘Start Menu’, click on the folder:


Click on the ‘Programs’ folder icon:


Click on ‘Menu’:


Then “Edit: Paste Shortcut”:


Drag down to the bottom, then click and hold on the s’Shortcut to B…”


Click on ‘Rename’


Change the shortcut’s name from “Shortcut to ButtonOff to just ‘ButtonOff’:


Click on the whitespace below to ‘save your changes’:


Click on the ‘X’ in the corner to close the File Explorer:


Now find the ‘ButtonOff’ program at the bottom of the Start menu. Click and hold on it until a “Move to Top’ option is shown. Click on Move to Top:


Now, from the main menu when you want to turn off your receiver, just click on the Start flag:


Then the ButtonOff icon:


After 15-seconds the receiver will turn itself off:


Problem Solved.


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4 responses to “Turning Off the MobileMapper and ProMark Receivers

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  3. Ben S.

    Great tutorial Mark! This is a nice tech gem for those struggling with the Power OFF sequence.

  4. Lil Banks

    I put it in standby mode thinking it was off only to wake up the next morning to find out that I have run out of battery. Great help

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