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Large SD Cards on Z-Max Receivers

Last week I encountered a ZMax receiver that took forever to read the SD Card. And after it completed registering the card (about 10 minutes), the ZMax just rebooted. I watched it happen.

I pulled the SD Card and stuck it in my laptop to check out the Micro_Z.bin.

Of course the file was 512 megabytes in size.

This won’t work! There is not enough internal memory in a ZMax to mount a Micro_Z file larger than 128 meg and I STRONGLY recommend that you use a 24-Meg file.

If you find yourself in the position, you can quickly fix it by

1. Download this ZIP file: http://www.ashgps.com/bin/MICRO_Z.zip

2. Unzip the contents to a ‘MICRO_Z.bin’ file.

3. Format the SD card.

4. Just copy the extracted ‘MICRO_Z.bin’ file to the SD card.

The smaller bin file will mount very quickly.

My theory is when the file is damaged, the ZMax builds a new one that completely fills the available SD card. And 512 Meg is just way too big.

BTW, I don’t think that the ZMax can read SD cards larger than 2 gig.




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NAD27 UTM in “FAST Survey” and “SurvCE”

SurvCE (and FAST Survey) don’t have NAD27 UTM projections built-in. So if you are working with an older dataset (like Oil and Gas) you are going to need to enter a new projection manually.

Here is how to set up for NAD27 Zone 12:

Make a new job, be sure to select ‘Meters’ (unless you want US Survey Feet or International Feet.)



Click on ‘Edit Projection List


Press the ‘Add User Defined’ button.


Configure to match as above. (You will need to adjust the C. Meridian to match your UTM Zone.) Then click the ‘New Datum’ button.


Configure to match as above.

Click the ‘Green Check Mark’ four times to return to the main menu.

Let’s check our new projection:

Now click on ‘COGO, Calculator, Conversion and put the dot in LLH->Grid’


Enter the lat and lon as shown above. If you entered everything correctly, then the computed Northing and Easting will be as shown.

You are now ‘Good To Go!’


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