New Firmware and GNSS Toolbox for ProMark 120 and ProMark 220 Receivers

New firmware, GNSS Toolbox, ProMark Field and ProMark Office software is available for the ProMark 120 and ProMark 220 receivers.

The new firmware has these enhancements:

o better RTK Engine for harsh conditions (more RTK Fixes under heavy canopy)

o GLONASS Only mode supported

o QZSS tracking supported (this won’t make much difference unless you are in asia)

To download these enhancements:

o browse to

o click on ‘Products’ then ‘GNSS Surveying’

o click on ‘ProMark 120’ or ‘ProMark 220’

o click on ‘Support’ (you may need to login at this point)

o click on the file you want to download (at the bottom)

o then click on the file link on the left.

You are going to want download these files:

GNSS FW v2.1 (W213Ht26) & GNSS Toolbox v3.5 
GNSS FW v2.1 (W213Ht26) Release Notes
GNSS Toolbox v3.5 Release Notes

ProMark Field SW v3.5 (including RINEX Converter v4.3)
ProMark Field v3.5 Release Notes
RINEX Converter v4.3 Release Notes

All of these files are also available on the older FTP site:

in the normal places. Be warned that you will need a real FTP client (like FileZilla) to get the filesets. There are too many files to manually download them.

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