New Distribution Method for Current Devices

Current Spectra Precision products like the ProMark 220 are now having firmware releases posted to the website, instead of the ftp site at

This should make life much, much better for customer’s who don’t have access to FTP transactions.

It also makes finding the correct firmware for a device much easier. You browse to the device on the Spectra website, click on Support and then choose the file the download.

I am going to have a more difficult time figuring out when new firmware is released. Currently I run a script which checks the entire FTP site, automatically downloads any new files and builds a list of the new files.

If you have not signed up for my mail list, you can do it [ here ]. It is my only way to automatically inform our (iGage customers) that new firmware / software may be available for your equipment. I realize that there are many more subscribers than we have customers (1,800+ at this point.) That’s okay too!

If you would like to receive automatic notices like this by email [ click here ]

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