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Repairs on Legacy Equipment

We can now offer repairs on legacy Ashtech equipment:

  • MM6, MMCE, MMCX, PM3, PM100, PM200, PM220 screens and touch-screens
  • ZMax Battery Re-Cells

Prices are reasonable and we are including FedEx 2-day return shipping. You can see a list of the repairs and prices [ here ].

For many repairs, the factory is a great option. But for some items like PM3 screen replacement our price is $1,100 less!

If you would like to receive automatic notices like this by email [ click here ]

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NGS FTP Site Up-Down-Up-Down: No GNSS Solutions Download

Update: 3:51 PM Mountain Time: CORS is back up!

The NGS website and related CORS data resources have been up and down since last Friday.

It appears that UFCORS is working now. The ANTCAL database is up too.

But the FTP access appears to be broken. This means that GNSS Solutions can’t automatically download data.

You can manually test the FTP server by placing browsing to:


if you get a blank listing, then the NGS site is broken. If you get a directory, then it is probably up.

I have gotten a 1/2 dozen complaints in the last 30 minutes, so don’t feel picked on. 🙂

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