Ashtech L2 Dongles for GNSS Solutions are Near End-of-Life

The L2 dongle that enabled L2 processing in GNSS Solutions is near end of life. If you think you want one, you need to purchase one As Soon As Possible. (Like today.)

This link: [ 702081-4 ] will get you the current L2 dongle price from us.

Is GNSS Solutions dead? I think ultimately—yes. That said, it currently works well and has a great baseline processor. The current free version will do you a good turn for processing L1 vectors. At (under) $1,000 it is just-fine for processing L1/L2 vectors. It is a great deal.

What is the alternative? SPSO Spectra Precision Survey Office (PN 63700-00) MSRP $2,795 + $350 / year maintenance.

What is the difference between SPSO and TBC (Trimble Business Center)? TBC includes support for a few instruments which are not supported in SPSO and it is possible to purchase a roaming network license of TBC. I can’t quote a, but the standard version is about $2,495 and the Advanced version is about $6,495.


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2 responses to “Ashtech L2 Dongles for GNSS Solutions are Near End-of-Life

  1. Philip D. Salerno

    I currently have a license w/o a dongle. Will that license expire when my computer does? Will I be able to install it on another computer when the time comes?

    • You are going to need to rely on the generosity of the Tech Support gurus at Spectra Precision. At some point, they may not be able to help you.
      I would ask my local dealer if they could get me a deal on a dongle. That way you will be good to go to a new computer in the future.

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